Are You Looking for a Certified Translator?

Are You Looking for a Certified Translator?
  • Май 1, 2019

You are at the right place!

I provide English-to-Russian and Russian-to-English certified translations for any kind of documents, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, employment contracts, insurance policies for travelling outside of Canada, and many more. This type of translation is usually required by Embassies and Consulates, government agencies and other official institutions.

Certified translation means that the translation has been prepared by a skilled professional translator who is a member of a professional association and is recognized by the Canadian government.

I am a certified member in good standing of the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario (ATIO), which ensures that language professionals are certified and available to provide quality language services throughout Ontario.

'Certified translator' is a reserved title which has been granted to me to verify a high level of competence in translation. Please check out my ATIO profile:

My certified translation fee starts at 45$ per document but may vary depending on the length of the document and your specific needs.

To get your free quote, please send me an email to

Екатерина Ли

Я - профессиональный переводчик, имеющий сертификат Ассоциации переводчиков провинции Онтарио (АТИО). Области специализации: юридический перевод, маркетинг, бизнес, медицинская тематика, образование и общий перевод. Языковые пары: английский⟷русский, немецкий⟷русский, английский⟷немецкий.